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Roasting Pretty Good Coffee on the High Plains

We have a deep seeded love of coffee, from its origins in the soil to the finished cup. We strive to create accessible blends enjoyable by everyone, and intriguing single origins that challenge and excite your palate.
We place a great deal of focus on sourcing coffees based not only on their quality in the cup, but also on the quality of life that every worker receives on the long journey from the origin to our roastery. Labor is important. As we continue to refine our work in the roastery, sourcing becomes more important. We pledge that every coffee we offer has been vetted to ensure the best working conditions that we, well, can hope for in any given origin.
Our single origin offerings are roasted to bring out the best of their inherent flavors, and have no specific "roast profile" attached to them. We would classify most all of our single origins as 'very light' to 'light-medium'.
Our blended offerings, on the other hand, are created with a specific flavor or roast level in mind. Our blends start at a 'medium' roast level and work their way darker.
We feel this allows a wide array of coffee drinkers to enjoy our products, from those who enjoy commanding, bold, and dark coffee to those who seek complex flavors and acid-forward coffees.

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